AXA Assistance

If it is in our hands we will make your project a reality. We can manufacture all kinds of special parts.

In our own design studio, we will gather any kind of need and study it in order to come up with the best possible project.

So if you are an interior designer, decorator and / or architect and you have thought or designed certain solutions, consult with us.

Whether it is furniture, seats and/or other elements of the installation, call us and ask about the possibility that we can make them to measure.

In the picture, the Barcelona interior design studio Denys&Von Arend uses our Apolo stools and our stainless steel tables with anodized rim.

The facility is the AXA Assistance offices.

Interior design and applied image for the offices of the world’s leading insurance company in Barcelona.

At Denys&Von Arend, they designed an interior design project to implement the brand image in the office.

They used corporate colors and signage in line with the company’s values.

In the famous Barcelona interior design studio, they based their work on the user’s perception of the environment in order to create healthy and wellness spaces.

In the central hall, acting on the acoustics and flooring, and in the bistro, on the materials and tonalities.

Any of our products can be adapted to the needs of a particular space, we have a wide range of finishes in painting, varnishing and upholstery.

Moreover, if none of our finishes suits your needs, we adapt to you and apply the RAL you need.

If it is in our hands we will make your project a reality.

Design: Denys&Von Arend
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Collection: Apollo, CP Board Marine stainless steel

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