Frequent questions

Can I request special finishes and measurements?

As long as the product (chairs, tables, stools, windscreens, screens, sofas, shelves) can be adjusted in finishes and/or measurements, Alutec will have no problem meeting special requests. However, they will logically be subject to minimum quantities and/or special prices. Please consult us about it without any commitment.

How do I maintain my products?

Alutec recommends cleaning the products (chairs, tables, stools, sofas) only with a cloth dampened in water and drying the surfaces afterwards. We do not recommend chemical and/or abrasive products even though they may be commercially recommended for this use.

Where are Alutec products manufactured?

All our chairs, tables, stools, sofas, shelves… and any Alutec product are manufactured in Spain with quality materials through processes that respect human beings and the environment.

What if I need a repair?

In the event of any damage, unrelated to use and/or when the warranty has expired, Alutec can take care of repairs after accepting the estimate.

What if I need spare parts?

Alutec undertakes to have spare parts and/or parts for all references of chairs, tables, stools, windscreens, parasols, sofas… until 5 years after they have been discontinued.

Are the images and colors seen on the web faithful to reality?

We must take into account that the colors and/or finishes and/or details that appear on the web, mainly on a photographic basis, may undergo changes with respect to reality for digital reasons. It is recommended that the correspondence of the colors with their corresponding RAL is checked and/or a physical sample can be validated before placing an order if the color is decisive.

How many years of guarantee do the products have?

Alutec products are covered by a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase and covers all types of problems, as long as they are caused by manufacturing errors.

Who determines if it is a manufacturing error?

In the event of any incident, it will be the Alutec technical department that, by means of a physical sample (not a photograph), determines in the first instance the possible cause of the damage suffered and its possible solution.

What should I know about some finishes?

Alutec incorporates finishes made manually. For this reason the pieces are unique and may present differences.

About the industrial varnish finish

The industrial varnish finish of our steel models is intended for the creation of carefree and casual environments. The spirit of this language is based on the creation of spaces based on elements that appear to be out of context, such as pieces from industries and/or other spaces.
In this way, the products, just as they are finished with the impurities and/or alterations that they suffer during the process: scratches, stains, oxidation, dents, etc… are directly treated with a polyester varnish that protects them and They guarantee, like any other Alutec product, its maintenance and durability.
It must be understood -and accepted- that this type of finish is, for the reasons described above, exposed to certain surface and structural irregularities. They are unique products that may differ from each other. We recommend that you please take this into account to avoid misunderstandings.

What if there was a problem that led to litigation?

On those occasions in which, in the face of an incident and/or other problem, there is no agreement between the parties and some type of complaint is processed through the courts, the client agrees to submit the case to the courts of Barcelona.

What should I do if I receive the material in poor condition?

If the material arrives in poor condition (presumably due to transport reasons) you must quickly inform Alutec as well as record it on the delivery note.

If you have any questions about any of these issues, or others that may arise, and/or would like more detail about some aspects exposed

Please contact us so that we can clarify any question.