Marc Collection

Manufacture of chairs and tables for the hospitality industry.

From the Author for Author line, ozestudi designs for Alutec the collection Marc collection, consisting of chair, armchair, lounge chair and coffee table.

Natural, honest and sustainable.

The result is the result of months of work studying the essence of some of the classic models.

Classic models that have marked the history of the chair and industrial design.

We are very sure that you will discover more than one… And two, do you dare?

Made entirely of 30 mm FSC cross-laminated birch plywood.

The Marc furniture collection is an exercise in optimization, sincerity and synthesis.

And the fact is that, when its joints and parts are analyzed, also built under a single and same industrial process (milling), the result achieved is really surprising.

His presence, of unquestionable personality, stands out mainly for his peculiar and novel language.

It arises directly from the respect for the wood, its format and its own structure and manufacturing process.

They are industrially beautiful pieces, full of small details that make them unique with the clear intention of being for everyone.

Manufacture and design of chairs and tables at 100% national level.

All our products are designed with the hospitality market and sector in mind, hotels, restaurants, bars, terraces…

ozestudi, its results are always -without exception- the result of the work of a large team of professionals made up of collaborators, specialists, technicians and suppliers selected specifically for each project.

It is all this talent and human capital, together with that normally provided by the client himself, which really gives value to their work as designers.

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