A Barber Shop

Interior design project for the hospitality industry carried out by
Metrocuadrado design & contract
for the café bar A Barberia, located in Galicia.

It combines in the same space three of our collections: the Drina chair, the Bender chair and the Vico stool.

For both chair models, an industrial style was sought, so it was decided that bent and welded sheet steel would predominate.

Our standard color chart is wide in order to give personality and adapt them to any style.

The colors chosen for this project are:

Color mocca, RAL 1019 for Bender chair.

RAL 6019, color green, for Drina chair.

For Vicostool ,color white, RAL 9010

In all three cases, the paint with a vintage finish is chosen.

This is a hand-made finish that consists of applying a layer of bitumen of judea prior to the final varnishing.

In this way we obtain unique pieces, thus transferring to the product a desired effect of used and aged.

We design and manufacture all our products domestically, with quality materials supplied by national suppliers.

We accompany you in any interior design project for the hospitality industry.



Design: Metrocuadrado design&contract
Location: Galicia, Spain

Year: 2005
Collection: Bender, Vico, Drina

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