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Product description

Modular methacrylate enclosure for terraces, bars, restaurants and hotels.

These are individual “removable” modules, with the configuration required according to the terrace.

Created by our design studio, it is composed of a painted aluminum structure with zinc-plated and painted steel bases.

The lower opaque screen can be made of compact or iribond, the upper transparent screen of methacrylate.

We have some modular sections of standard measures 1.5m or 2m wide by 1.5m high, but they are customizable measures, if you need another size, contact us and we will manufacture it.

The union between modules is made by means of metal flanges with thread, which facilitates its placement and collection.

The configuration is also customizable, we recommend placing in “U” for greater stability.

It is not necessary to anchor it to the ground, and there is the possibility of adding wheels.

In order to enjoy the hospitality industry and also take advantage of the winter, terraces are essential to ensure the profitability of Horeca businesses, so we recommend the enclosure of the terraces.

They maintain an adequate temperature while allowing the area to be ventilated for greater safety.

In addition, the customer enjoys greater comfort and privacy with respect to the public passageway.

Placed in a “U” shape, they are stable enough not to need planters or other elements that take up space.

We create tailor-made projects to adapt to the different needs of our clients.

With our modular methacrylate enclosures for terraces we aim to provide a solution to all those establishments that depend on outdoor space to continue with their activity but do not want to or cannot invest in a fixed enclosure.

Combine it with any of our stacking chairs and folding tables.





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