We are furniture designers and manufacturers for contract and collectives ( chairs, table base, top tables, stools, sofas, parasols, windscreen  ... ) during more than 30 years whole the world. Our experience is reflected in the high quality of our products.

We design and manufacture from the beginning all our chairs , table bases, top tables, stools....  

We work with aluminum, steel, wood, upholstery, woven and plastic ( polyamide and polypropylene ) .

Our catalogue contains a really big range of types of furniture : chairs , tables and stools for outdoor use ( usually made in aluminum ) and for indoor use ( made of steel and wood, combined with upholstery ) .

Currently you can find in our catalog more than 40 models of chairs and more than 20 models of barstools and tables, with a big a wide variety of styles, keeping the essence of Alutec and at the same time we always try to adapt us to the trends and demands of the market ( industrial style, vintage, classic ... )

In addition, as we are designers and manufacturers we can adapt to you to any project, adapting our products to your needs.

We offer you a standard 12 different paint colors for all our steel and aluminum chairs, tables, barstools and windscreen · 12 varnish colors for wood items , and more than 30 different upholstery...

We are aware that a good product and a good service are fundamental to satisfy the needs of our costumers.

We appreciate your approaching us . We invite you to visit our online catalog.